Rules are meant to be.......

The consequences of workplace rule violations can be severe.  So, tackling the issue of rules is always a priority . The challenge is getting the message across in a way that gets the message understood and remembered. 

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Duration:  3x4 minute videos | 3 x 25 minute training sessions 

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Below is a short 2 minute trailer:

Who violates the rules? 

what are the consequences?

Piper Alpha - Permit to Work practice was "knowingly and flagrantly disregarded" leading to a disaster that claimed 167 lives and completely destroyed the platform. 

Exxon Refinery - Charlie Morecraft, a worker at the Exxon refinery left his vehicle idling which was in violation of company policy to attend a gas leak. He was subsequently drenched in a flammable material. A vapour cloud headed straight for the idling vehicle which exploded, engulfing him in flames. 

BP Texas City Disaster - "A culture of casual compliance in which operators and supervisors treated procedures merely as guidelines that they were free to ignore." Professor Andrew Hopkins, Failure to Learn: The BP Texas City Refinery Disaster

Rules are meant to be....?  combines the universal language of football, English Premier League and US Soccer footage with real industry case studies, to deliver a powerful and consistent message.

Rules are meant to be ….? will revitalize your rules training and encourage the behavioural change you need in your operators, team leaders and managers.

Organisations which have built strong safety cultures know that they need to keep their communications fresh and innovative if they are going to effectively communicate desired behaviours.

The rules for successful communication:

  • Use a common language
  • Tell a story
  • Keep the message simple
  • Relate the message to real work examples
  • Make it memorable

Training Package includes:


3 individual trigger videos, each 4 minutes duration

  1. Why do we break rules?

  2. Simple mistake or violation? 

  3. How do we keep to the rules?


  • Extensive Trainer's Guide with 3, 25 minute training sessions

  • Participant's work book with exercises.

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  • DVD purchase
  • Intranet delivery
  • Full Corporate Licence

Licence for use

The price shown for this DVD is for a 'corporate' licence. This entitles the organisation to use the DVD for internal training of its employees and contractors. Training providers and educational institutions need a specificlicence. Please refer to our licence terms

Customer Review

Rules are meant to be....?

From a trainers perspective, this DVD package will almost certainly get staff talking about rules. Sport and industry examples are cleverly combined to provide an engaging training session. The Study Guides that accompany the DVD complete this valuable training tool. A great concept"

Iain McLeod, Director, Scapa Technologies Ltd

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