Engineering Solutions to Human Problems

Engineering Solutions to Human Problems - James Reason

Produced in association with the International Federation of Airworthiness, this is a comprehensive training package for safety in aircraft maintenance.



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Formats Available: DVD package

Duration: 4 DVDs - 6 Modules with support material

“While the risk of maintenance error can never be eliminated entirely, it can be managed more effectively. Maintenance personnel and their managers need to understand why maintenance errors occur, and how the risk of error can be controlled. “
Professor James Reason

Who should see the series?

  •     Senior General Managers who are not specialists in Error Management, but who are accountable for decisions with far reaching Human Factors Implications.
  •     Managers with specialist Safety and Quality Assurance responsibilities.
  •     Line Managers and Supervisors with responsibilities which put them in the forefront of the need to manage Human Error.
  •     Engineering safety critical tasks.
  •     Apprentices and Trainees whose future working patters are at a formative stage.

What will the Series do?

    Local Needs- Local Resources: Engineering Solutions to Human Problems provides managers, training course instructors and workshop facilitators, with resources which can open up the issues in the context of local needs and local resources.
    Principles into Practice: The series brings global Error Management Principles into local practice: location by location, activity by activity.


What is in the package?

The 11-element resource for Error Management in aircraft maintenance comprises 4 DVD or video programs and PowerPoint support packages on CD-Rom.

Contents of the DVD's:

    Part 1 - The Choice - "Either we manage Human Error or Human Error will manage us."
    Part 2 - Engineering a Just Culture
    Part 3 - Changing the Here & Now - How the world is moving - ICAO, JAR. New requirements
    Part 4 - Changing our Future - A triple level approach - Task, Team, Total Organization
    Part 5 - Human Error Management Resource Material
    Part 6 - Case Histories


PowerPoint Slides and background notes for Management briefings, Training Courses, Workshops and Awareness Groups

Support Material:

Studies of International Case Histories, apply experience from the wider world of human error management.
A Resource Manual to address Issues of Human Error Management
User's Guide and Briefings

Companies using this program include:

Air New Zealand / AirUK / Alaska Airlines / British Airways / British European / British Midland/ Continental Airlines / Delta Airways / KLM / Lockheed / South African Airways

Managing Human Error


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