In planning safety training programs, one can select topics that are specific and deliver engaging and concise training. Topics may reflect specific issues within an organisation or may serve as general safety reminders. Topics may enhance existing education as well as introduce education on issues.
Alternate approaches for use:

  • via a web based training program
  • as part of monthly safety meetings
  • as part of monthly safety reminder e-newsletters
  • as part of email based training programs
  • across the company’s intranet
  • integrated into existing training programs

In each instance, there is the opportunity for the lessons in each video to be discussed and to engage participants using support material provided with each video.

SafetyTalks is the most comprehensive collection of Professor Andrew Hopkins’ thought-provoking observations and proposals, gleaned from his bestselling books and full-length DVD workshops.

We anticipate that this achievement will serve you well.

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