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BBC Disaster Series

The BBC Disaster series examines the world’s most dramatic catastrophes using brilliant BBC footage, recreations and interviews with key decision makers.


Managing Human Error

From the creator of the "swiss cheesE" model of system failure.
THE choice is very simple. Either you manage human error or human error manages you.


Remember Charlie

Charlie's journey from death's door following a refinery explosion, to his position as the world's leading presenter on why we all should follow safety procedures precisely.


Risk Maker Risk Taker

This is an essential process safety tool to communicate and train employees in the risk management process and the new standard ISO 31000:2009.

Risk Maker Risk Taker addresses the issues of risk management in a clear and succinct manner with a good balance between theory and real examples.


Rules are meant to be....?

The consequences of workplace rule violations can be severe.  So, tackling the issue of rules is always a priority. The challenge is getting the message across in a way that gets the message understood and remembered.


Unclear and Present Danger: Situation Awareness at Every Level

85% of human error accidents may be attributed to the lack of situation awareness. Situation awareness is often referred to as "knowing what is going on around you".