BBC Disaster Series Overview

The BBC Disaster series examines the world’s most dramatic catastrophes using brilliant BBC footage, recreations and interviews with key decision makers. This acclaimed documentary drama approach speaks to the viewers in a way nothing else can. This process safety training video series awakens the need for safety consciousness at every level of an organisation.

10 Part Series Price: $3,390*


Everyone who experiences these powerful training programs will be affected by the essential lessons they convey.

What makes up the BBC Disaster Series?

The BBC Disaster Series is designed to help organizations make that vital move from the ‘belief’ that things can’t go wrong, to the ‘knowledge’ that they can. The 10-part series utilizes case studies of major disasters from around the world from various industries, such as oil and gas, transport, aviation, aeronautics and space, chemical manufacturing and hospitality. Each workshop provides participants an unforgettable learning experience by giving them a feel of the real-world scale of loss - both human and monetary, and the avoidable mistakes which lead to it. It thus helps them understand the importance of a planned, systematically-applied approach to health and safety needs.


What is the format of the programs?

The workshops follow an innovative case study approach and provide a highly interactive learning environment in which participants undertake detailed Pre-event, Event and Post- event (P-E-P) analyses of each disaster. This means that they not only listen, but also apply the lessons learnt in order to formulate solutions specific to their own workplace. They not only learn about what went wrong, but also how it could have been avoided.


Why is the case study approach so successful?

In the words of psychologist Lauren Slater: “We most fully integrate that which is told as a tale.” Thus, the viewing of these real-life case studies is particularly well-placed to keep staff focused on the potential for human and engineering failures in their own workplace.


What are the possible training applications?

The workshops are designed to help employees, safety professionals and all levels of company management understand the need for:

  1. consultative planning & communication in Workplace Health & Safety matters;

  2. application, maintenance, review & update of Workplace Health & Safety management systems;

  3. clear definition & delegation of Workplace Health & Safety responsibilities;

  4. unambiguous training of staff (at all levels) on how to fulfill their Workplace Health & Safety responsibilities;

  5. contingency planning for Workplace Health & Safety failures (i.e. fire, first-aid, security, evacuation, clean-up, incident investigation);

  6. the right to speak-up - and be heard – re Workplace Health & Safety matters.


How is training facilitated?

Each easy-to-understand workshop in the series can be run by facilitators even with minimal experience in presenting training courses. In addition, tips and guidelines are included to help facilitators with every aspect of the workshop.


Each comprehensive package includes the disaster video along with the following support material:

  • Facilitator’s Guide, including Facilitator’s Checklist

  • Facilitator’s Slide Guide

  • Participants’ Handouts

  • Power Point presentation


How can the content be delivered?

Each training package is available in the following formats:

  • As a training DVD to allow in-house facilitators to conduct as a group workshop.

  • As customised content licensed for your company’s intranet, from where employees can access it anytime, anywhere.

  • As content streamed from the Internet, so that you do not have to host it on your own servers and still maintain flexibility of access.