Mindful Leadership with References to BP Texas City

Featuring Professor Andrew Hopkins, this DVD program identifies the key aspects of “Mindful Leadership” and illustrates how lapses in leadership contributed to the BP Texas City disaster.

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Duration: 26 minutes

Leadership is important because it is the leaders of an organisation who determine its culture. This safety training DVD workshop is suitable for management at all levels – senior executives, middle-ranking managers and front-line managers that take responsibility for the culture of an organisation. It also illustrates how the participation, competency, training, behaviour and attitudes of individual workers contribute to developing the safety culture of an organisation.

Key learning outcomes:

At the end of the workshop, managers will understand the following key aspects of Mindful Leadership:

  • Being preoccupied with the possibility that something could go wrong

  • Having a sceptical attitude towards good news audits

  • Making site visits and asking the right set of questions from the right workers on site

  • Ensuring reporting systems are working

  • Being aware of the multi-causal nature of accidents

  • Being aware of the dangers of cost-cutting

  • Having organisational structures which empower voices for safety

  • Promoting reporting systems that pick up warning signs. 

Package contents:

  • The package includes a 26-minute DVD featuring Professor Hopkins

  • CD with supporting material that includes Power Point Presentations and Prof. Hopkins' working papers.

Recommended in conjunction:

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Andrew Hopkins is obviously knowledgeable and speaks with conviction. His approach cuts through the rhetoric and academic jargon and strikes a chord with both managers and employees. He makes you think and enlightens the listener to the point where one hears oneself saying “Ah, now I see”. Some of our managers can be heard talking about the “warning signs” that Professor Hopkins so eloquently discusses, so his message is definitely being absorbed and emulated.
— Mr Kevin Keegan, DTEI, Department for Transport, Energy and Infrastructure, Corporate Services Division


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