SafetyTalks DVD Version


SafetyTalks DVD Version


SafetyTalks provides a wide range of bite-sized safety lessons- a rich resource of thought-provoking ideas and observations by world leading safety expert, Professor Andrew Hopkins. 

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It supports the identification and management of critical controls that can either prevent a serious incident occurring or minimize the consequences. 

SafetyTalks is a package of 55 succinct, content-rich ‘safety moment’ sessions comprising 2-6 minute videos each focusing on a different topic. All 55 topics relevant for process safety training are now available to preview online.

These bite-sized lessons aid in the prevention of accidents by strengthening safety culture.

What you get in the package:

  • 55 video clips on DVD
  • Support material: including the video script and a selection of discussion questions for each topic.  The discussion questions are designed to stimulate attendee participation and action.  

SafetyTalks can be utilised for a variety of uses e.g.

  • via a web based training program
  • as part of monthly safety reminder e-newsletters
  • as part of email based training programs
  • across the company’s intranet
  • integrated into existing training programs
  • as part of a monthly safety discussion meeting to foster a better safety culture.

SafetyTalks allows for flexible and innovative training applications that cover 55 video topics, with detailed support material.

"How to use SafetyTalks" brochure.