SafetyTalks - The Auditing Training Pack


SafetyTalks - The Auditing Training Pack


SafetyTalks - The Auditing Training Pack will give you valuable insights into Professor Hopkins'messages to enhance your safety training and cascade his message throughout your organisation. This license is perpetual and a one-off price for unlimited number of users

This pack includes 3 topics:

  1. A False sense of security
  2. Missing The Obvious
  3. Behavioural Safety
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SafetyTalks - The Auditing Training Pack includes three topics:

1. Audits - A False Sense of Security

"Far too often audits tend to convey good news, especially audits that are designed to give some overall view of the operation, by ranking it on a scale of say, 1-5 or 1-10. Big companies tend to do many things well, so it is not surprising that they will score well on such scales.

But it is what they are not doing well that senior managers need to hear about. Inquiries after major accidents often find that the audits prior to the accident missed obvious problems and lulled senior managers into a false sense of security by conveying a message that all was well, when in fact, not all was well." Professor Andrew Hopkins.

2. Audits - Missing the Obvious

Any major audit which is essentially saying that all is well is failing in its responsibility because we know that all is not well, there are always problems in any large organisation and if the audit report is saying all is well, it simply means that the auditors haven’t tried hard enough, and haven’t been looking in the right places.

Professor Andrew Hopkins discusses the need for rigorous audit methodology in this process safety training video.

3. Audits - Behavioural Safety

"The real causes of the Macondo blowout in the Gulf of Mexico are the human and organisational factors.

A major gap in BP’s safety strategy was that the HSE staff was very much focussed on occupational safety. Their view was that process safety was not part of their job." Professor Andrew Hopkins