Are you getting enough sleep to be safe and productive?

Sleep deprivation can hit workers in every industry, however in high risk work the issues it causes are very serious. Shiftwork is a major cause of sleep deprivation.

The high risk of sleeping on the job

A shift worker is anyone who follows a work schedule that is outside of the typical "9 to 5" business day. In the past few decades the United States has become increasingly dependent upon shift workers to meet the demands of globalization and our 24-hour society. From a competitive standpoint, shift work is an excellent way to increase production and customer service without major increases in infrastructure. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, millions of Americans are considered shift workers, including doctors and nurses, pilots, bridge-builders, police officers, customer service representatives and commercial drivers to name a few.

However, while shift work does create potential productivity advantages, it also has many inherent risks. Some of the most serious and persistent problems shift workers face are frequent sleep disturbance and associated excessive sleepiness. Read more

Sleeping on the job

Waking after a bad night’s sleep and struggling into work is a hidden productivity killer but one that experts say can be effectively treated for a more fulfilling and successful life at home and at work.

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