How to Best Manage the Challenge of Process Safety

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Managing Process Safety is one of the most challenging aspects of achieving safe and reliable operations for any company working in Oil&Gas, Chemical high hazard industries, Mining and Energy.

Process safety incidents costs money, disrupts reliable operations but can also result in massive damage, loss of life and threaten the very existence of an organization and its environmental footprint and reputation. There is no evidence that the frequency of serious process safety incidents are reducing.

The Process Safety suite of DVD workshops featuring the esteemed Professor Andrew Hopkins, an internationally acclaimed process safety specialist, will provide comprehensive coverage of process safety including underpinning theory, practical tools and processes, how to measure process safety and techniques to help you positively influencing colleagues within your company.

By training using the DVD workshops and accompanying support material, you are protecting yourself and protecting your company against reputation damage. Furthermore the DVDs will capitalise on your knowledge to gain maximum value.

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The DVD workshops help to run operations in a reliable and safe way and thus saving money for the company. This helps maintain a healthy company reputation and save lives.  For example the Gulf of Mexico cost BP $20 billion dollars, and still counting.  By training using the DVD workshops and accompanying support material, you are protecting yourself and your company against reputation damage.  Furthermore the DVDs will capitalise on your knowledge to gain maximum value on these vital issues:
REVIEW the latest thinking on managing process safety

DEVELOP process safety indicators which are relevant to your company and operation

GAIN INSIGHTS from learning the inside story of how and why famous process safety incidents occurred as well as the learning from a series of less well known but equally important incidents

BENCHMARK your organization’s process safety maturity using a tool to assess organizational and human factors

ENHANCE your own skills and knowledge on change management so you can be even more effective in your organization in promoting process safety

EXAMINE how process safety is becoming a key corporate governance issue for the leadership teams of companies
The training suite provides:  

  • A clear explanation of how the causation of process safety incidents differ from occupational health and safety accidents  
  • Managerial strategies to successfully manage process safety; including how focusing on risk controls can improve performance
  • An explanation of the cognitive biases which affect supervisors and managers and which may inhibit effective management of process safety  
  • Practical tips for implementing human factors
  • Improvements to make it more likely critical procedures are followed by front line personnel
  • Effective auditing of process safety including human and organizational factors
  • Change management techniques that safety and reliability specialists can deploy to improve the uptake of the above approaches to reduce the likelihood of process safety incidents and  improve reliability  
  • Effective Leadership for process safety
  • Process safety and enterprise risk management: What 'good' looks like in Corporate Governance.

The DVD workshops use case studies of actual process safety incidents to illustrate the key concepts and participants will be encouraged to share their knowledge of incidents for the benefit of the course including near misses.  The books by Professor Andrew Hopkins and the suite of process safety DVD workshops are essential tools for all organizations operating in high hazard, low frequency with high risk for accident, industries.

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