Violations . Mistakes . Consequences

The Problem

In almost every workplace rules are violated.
The consequences are high financial costs, injuries and sometimes, loss of life.
So, tackling the issue of rules is a high priority.
The challenge is getting the message across in a way that changes behaviour by having the message understood so that all employees contribute to achieving 100% rule compliance.

The Solution

Rules Are Meant to Be…? is a dynamic, new training video package designed to cut through the fog of message overload.

It combines the universal language of football, English Premier League football and US Soccer, with genuine industry case studies to deliver a powerful message.

  • It’s bold, clear and memorable.
  • It promotes discussion.
  • It will engage employees at every level in your organisation.

Industry case studies
The missing split pin – the defence force helicopter crash that resulted in 9 deaths.
Confined space – The nitrogen asphyxiation and death of 2 employees.

The Consequences

Find out what happened when they broke the rules:

Charlie tells of his journey from death's door following a refinery explosion, to his position as the world's leading presenter on why we all should follow safety procedures precisely. The shortcut he took from standard procedures resulted in Charlie being burned over 50% of his body, five years in hospital, the loss of his family, the loss of everything he treasured.

Ken tells the story of his family and his friends and what happened to them all the day he broke the rules and mixed two hazardous chemicals together for a routine cleaning procedure.It's a story of horror. Of regret. Of painful experience. And it's a story every viewer will remember when they think about breaking safety rules.

If James had made the right choices, his accident would never have occurred and his injury could have been prevented.

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