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The effective management of process safety requires tangibly different approaches as compared with personal safety.

Some examples are:

  • 'The necessity to have a clear “mental model” of how process safety incidents occur and not to focus solely on front-line worker behavior.
  • By contrast with personal safety, process safety incidents are typically more complex in causation involving design, equipment failure, management system and procedural causes as well as broader organizational issues.
  • Process safety incidents may affect safety, health, environment and loss of production or any combination of these.
  • Equally, a process safety event may not have any significant impact (or consequence) but still be important as a potential precursor to a serious loss event and hence needs to be recognized as such.“ Peter Wilkinson, Noetic 

 The detailed analyses of Process Safety incidents by Professor Andrew Hopkins (Macondo, BP Texas City, Longford) are integral to the DVD based training workshops developed in conjunction with FutureMedia.

  • Creating a Mindful Organisation - Why organizational culture is one of the key reasons why companies fail to recognize the warning signs prior to workplace accidents. Being utilized by companies such as: Huntsman, Shell, Suncor etc Available subtitled in Dutch | Finnish | French | German | Italian | Spanish | Polish | Portuguese | Mandarin



  • Preventing Disaster Learning from Longford - key contributory elements in the safety chain Being utilized by companies such as: Rio Tinto, Suncor, Plains Midstream, Shell etc  Available subtitled in Spanish & Portuguese


  • Macondo Blowout & The Falling Dominos of Macondo - tracks the disaster and why it happened and what to do to prevent this type of failure happening again. Being utilized by companies such as: Vermillion Oil, Schlumberger, Qatar Chemical, BG group, Chevron, etc


  • SafetyTalks - Being utilized by companies such as: Husky energy, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, Huntsman, Nexen Energy, Shell Canada, Suncor, Woodside plus many more worldwide.

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“… the real causes of the accident are the human and organisational factors which we find at work in many other big accidents” Professor Andrew Hopkins,
** Any of these Process Safety DVD workshops may be licensed for delivery of training across your company intranet. Inquire for more information:  | t: +61 2 9279 4499

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Husky Energy, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, Huntsman, Nexen Energy, Shell, Suncor, Woodside, Vermillion Oil, Schlumberger, Qatar Chemical, BG group, IChemE (in their fundamentals of Process Safety 5 day course and Process Safety for the board.) Qenos, Transfield Worley, Prosmiden,  Statoil, Rio Tinto , Plains Midstream and many more worldwide.

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