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Preventing Major Accidents 2 day course

Job Safety Solutions Ltd. in conjunction with Peter Wilkinson of Noetic and FutureMedia will hold a 2 day course in July 2015 on the subject Preventing Major Accidents.

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Preventing process safety events by applying “Mindfulness” and other High Reliability Organisational (HRO) techniques. (Based on Lessons from Longford and A Failure to Learn books by Professor Andrew Hopkins).

The effective management of process safety requires tangibly different approaches as compared with personal safety. Some examples are:

  • “The necessity to have a clear “mental model” of how process safety incidents occur and not to focus solely on frontline worker behaviour.
  • By contrast with personal safety, process safety incidents are typically more complex in causation involving design, equipment failure, management system and procedural causes as well as broader organizational issues.
  • Process safety incidents may affect safety, health, environment and loss of production or any combination of these.
  • Equally, a process safety event may not have any significant impact (or consequence) but still be important as a potential precursor to a serious loss event and hence needs to be recognized as such.” Peter Wilkinson, Noetic.

Overview of the Course:

In this 2 day course, world authority on Process Safety Mr. Peter Wilkinson analyses how industrial accidents result in terrible loss of lives, major damage to the environment and huge financial losses following stoppage of production. The Gulf of Mexico disaster will be one of the case studies considered.

Course Facilitator

Peter Wilkinson

This is a rare opportunity to meet the world authority on Process Safety, Peter Wilkinson, and hear the inside story of some of the most significant process safety disasters in recent times, including the BP Macondo/Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, the BP Texas City Disaster and more.

Peter is currently supporting the US Chemical Board report into the Macondo disaster and regularly consults globally to governments and companies on process safety, regulation and risk management.  He is also a member of the Australian Government’s Nuclear Safety Committee. Peter is a former senior executive at Caltex Australia, an integrated downstream oil and gas company with refineries, terminals, pipelines and service stations and has first-hand experience of managing process safety. Peter is a skillful trainer and facilitator and has a reputation for leading informative and enjoyable workshops.  He is also a thought leader and his ideas and writing are widely respected.  This is an unusual opportunity to work with Peter in developing and benchmarking your approach to process safety against a recognized global expert.

Why should you attend?

  • Learn about the latest thinking on Managing Process Safety from a world safety expert
  • Have the opportunity to learn the inside story of how and why major process safety incidents occurred
  • Learn to develop process safety indicators which are relevant to your company and operation
  • Learn to benchmark your organization’s process safety maturity using a tool to assess organizational and human factors
  • Hear why  process safety is becoming a key corporate governance issue for the leadership teams of companies worldwide
  • Understand and apply the key elements of mindful organizations
  • Develop your personal skills and knowledge on Process Safety and its differences to Personal Safety.

Who Should Attend and Benefit from this Course?

Strategic decision makers including Senior Management, Managers, supervisors, engineers, chemical engineers en route to achieving chartered status, safety personnel and others involved in Process Safety

Course Date & Location:

July 16-17

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Preventing Major Accidents Course Program