U.S. and Five Gulf States Reach Historic Settlement with BP to Resolve Civil Lawsuit Over Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

The federal lawsuit culminated in a three-phase civil trial in which the United States proved, among other things, that the spill was caused by BP’s gross negligence. 

Deepwater Drilling, Macondo blowout, Deepwater Horizon, Gulf of Mexico disaster

The total value of global settlement will top $20 Billion, the largest with a single entity in Justice Department history, assures continued restoration of the Gulf Coast.

Gulf of Mexico oil spill disaster

The United States today joins the five Gulf states in announcing a settlement to resolve civil claims against BP arising from the April 20, 2010 Macondo well blowout and the massive oil spill that followed in the Gulf of Mexico.

This global settlement resolves the governments’ civil claims under the Clean Water Act and natural resources damage claims under the Oil Pollution Act, as well as economic damage claims of the five Gulf states and local governments.  Taken together this global resolution of civil claims is worth $20.8 billion, and is the largest settlement with a single entity in the department’s history.

Also today, consistent with the settlement, the Deepwater Horizon Trustees Council, made up of representatives of the five Gulf states and four federal agencies, has published a draft damage assessment and restoration plan and a draft environmental impact statement.  The plan includes a comprehensive assessment of natural resource injuries resulting from the oil spill and provides a detailed framework for how the trustees will use the natural resource damage recoveries from BP to restore the Gulf environment.

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The Macondo process safety disaster is discussed by Professor Andrew Hopkins in the DVD workshops Macondo Blowout: The Human and Organisational Causes and The Falling Dominos of Macondo: A Failure of Defence in Depth .