Four people dead after spill at DuPont Facility in La Porte

LA Porte, Texas - 4 workers were killed due to a chemical leak at the Dupont facility and another was sent to hospital. 

The facility was involved in a toxic gas leak 15th November around 4am inside an Operations building at the DuPont facility, in La Porte, an industrial suburb 22 miles east of Houston (Photo/Houston Chronicle Marie D.. De Jesus)

Our hearts go out to the families involved.  

The Chemical Safety Board is investigating.  Managing Director, Daniel Horowitz, said the team will begin by meeting with those involved, interviewing eyewitnesses, examining the plant, and gathering all available evidence for testing and review.

The toxic material was Methyl Mercaptan, which is an organic compound and is a colorless gas with a distinctive putrid smell similar to rotten cabbage.

The Chemical was contained by 6am and did not make it out of the facility.  Dupont says the release of the chemical into the air "never should have happened"  Dupont uses the chemical in its crop protection unit, one of two units on the 800-acre complex that employ a combined 320 workers.

 Video can be found here