Learning from High Reliability Organisations

This book by Professor Andrew Hopkins is an in-depth analysis into what makes a high reliability organisation.

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The theory of High Reliability Organisations is based on the belief that accidents can be prevented through good organisational design and management.

In contrast to Normal Accident Theory, which claims that it is impossible to prevent severe accidents in sufficiently complex system, High Reliability Theory has a more optimistic approach and emphasises the good things that can be done instead. High reliability organizations (HROs) such as ER units in hospitals or firefighting units, are designed to perform well under extreme stress and pressure.

Combining research from OHS experts, including Professor Andrew Hopkins, learn what these organisations are doing that enables them to operate safely and what your organisation can do to avoid hazards and disasters.

Hopkins has been awarded a prize by the European Process Safety Centre for "extraordinary contribution to process safety", the first time this has been awarded outside of Europe.

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