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Crash in the Dark: The Severn Tunnel Train Crash


In December 1991, two passenger trains collided in the 6.5km long tunnel under the River Severn in England, joining England and Wales. 185 people were injured. Rescuers did not reach the train until two hours after the incident.


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Investigation into the causes of the incident uncovered a number of mistakes and oversights – some of them long-standing, known factors (such as the dysfunctional emergency alert system in the tunnel); others relatively recent, unknowns (such as the lack of identification of signal relays in the Severn Tunnel Junction Relay Room).

"Crash in the Dark", highlights failures in the response to the collision between the trains in the Severn Tunnel – providing a strong focus on these oversights due to the enormity of the outcomes.

The detailed, dramatised coverage of an accident shows many facets of safety systems and emergency response in this safety training video.


Training Applications:

  • Emergency procedures
  • Training and accreditation issues
  • Communication techniques
  • Inter-agency conflicts.
  • Aircraft engineering
  • Aircraft safety design issues

Contents of the package:

CD with the following support material:

  • Facilitator’s Guide, including Facilitator’s Checklist
  • Facilitator’s Slide Guide
  • Participants’ Handouts
  • MS PowerPoint presentation

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